Dear Visitor,
We are people who are passionated by our work, Our key personnel have more than 20 years experience in automation, mechanics and informatics.

MECHANICS - design, construction and manufacturing of sophisticated machine tools and technological equipment like automatic lathe, hydraulic press, tool grinder, balancer, manipulators, bending machine, assembling line, automatic store room, etc. We implement the new dimension to the traditional mechanical structure. All documentation and projects are prepared using AutoCad and Solid Works software environment.

Automation - design and implementation the modern automation systems. Our project consists of programmable logic controllers, computer numerical control, digital regulators, actuators and sensors. We also design and prototyped outsized microprocessor based controllers for different automation equipment Occasionally, we design the alarm system for building monitoring and area access control equipment for safety purpose.

Informatics - Programming in C, Delphi, Basic and Assembler. Program and visualization for measurement and data acquisition equipment in LabView environment. Computer network design and supervision. Implementation of industrial field buses. Information integration for companies and enterprises.

The company was founded in 1989 r.